Integrated Marine Systems is a refrigeration design and manufacturing company, providing top-quality chilling and freezing systems for commercial fishermen and seafood processors. If you catch or process salmon, crab, lobster, scallops, tuna, squid, cod, pollock, mackerel, oysters or shrimp on the East Coast, in the Gulf, on the West Coast, in Alaska, or internationally, we are there – doing our part to keep the cold chain intact from the point of harvest with our products and support. Because of our service, quality manufacturing and making refrigeration simple for our customers IMS is known to be the leader in the industry.


The fisherman is the first link in the cold chain. If you are chilling or freezing onboard for delivery to processors, you know that they pay higher prices for fish that has been handled carefully and chilled immediately. Or perhaps your decision is to use chilling or freezing onboard to sell direct to consumers and high-end retailers. In this case, you know that you can’t afford to disappoint that customer even once – your name is on the label and your reputation is on the line.


For many products, land-based processors are the second step in the cold chain. IMS refrigeration equipment fills critical production needs for the entire food processing industry – fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood and poultry. Refrigeration slows bacterial growth and bringing food products to low temperatures promptly extends shelf life. We are focused on the end goal – providing solutions that help deliver the highest possible quality product to consumers.