Tanner Smith’s F/V Netted Dreams getting a Hatch Mount Blast 3500.

Tanner Smith’s F/V Netted Dreams getting a Hatch Mount Blast 3500.

Blast & Plate freezers

Blast freezing is an extremely cold, extremely fast freezing process. The temperatures in these freezers range from -20 to -40 degrees Fahrenheit; and air is circulated to further speed the freezing process. This rapid method of freezing minimizes the size of ice crystals that form in the product - and the smaller the crystals, the higher the quality of your seafood. Additionally, extreme cold, like the temperatures achieved here, inhibit bacterial growth which helps ensure food safety and maintain high quality.

Hatch Mount Blast Freezer

Hatch Mount Blast (HMB) Freezers are designed for vessels that convert from a wet hold (filled with water) to a dry, freezing hold. These vessels might chill salmon or crab during one season and convert to freezing albacore during the next season. The system is designed to literally drop in the hatch cover. From there you just need to connect condenser water lines, hook up to power and you’re ready to freeze product. With our HMB Freezer you can rapidly freeze onboard, command higher prices for your catch and stay on the fishing grounds longer. Our HMB Freezers have a per-day freezing capacity ranging from 1,000 - 8,000 pounds.

Low Temperature Condensing Unit

These systems are designed for full-time freezer vessels such as off-shore albacore, salmon or shrimp boats. Self-contained condensing units are usually mounted in a machine space and matched with an evaporator in the insulated fish hold.

Aluminum Extruded Evaporator Plates

IMS owns a special aluminum extrusion die used for plate freezing of boxed product or individual fish. These systems are usually matched with low-temperature condensing units and are used for products like boxed shrimp, individual salmon, albacore and more. The design of these plates incorporates a flat surface on top of a heavy aluminum bed with a finned bottom surface for maximum heat exchange. The size can range from 8″ - 32″ wide in 8″ increments with lengths up to 12′. The plates can be built into racks or delivered separately to be easily installed into the available space in the fish hold.

If you are interested in a blast or plate freezing system, please feel free to contact us.