An IMS 25 HP Brine Freezing System.

An IMS 25 HP Brine Freezing System.

Brine freezers

Onboard Fishing Boats and in Processing Plants

Marine refrigeration is essential to deliver top-quality product and receive top dollar from today’s discerning seafood buyers. RSW brine freezing systems eliminate the need for ice while providing the ability to fish longer and catch more product. When freezing in brine, the catch is chilled quickly and uniformly, and the ideal temperature is maintained over the length of the voyage.

A brine freezing system is similar to those used for RSW. However, in a brine system, salt is added to the water until it becomes a near-saturated “brine” solution which allows the solution to remain at a very low temperature (around 0 degrees Fahrenheit) without freezing. Then, product is either immersed in, or sprayed with the low temperature solution – which thoroughly and efficiently freezes the product.

In seafood processing plants, brine freezing is often the best way to handle certain products (like crab and shrimp) since moisture is retained and the delicate appendages tend to remain intact. IMS is experienced in manufacturing brine freezing systems for all sectors of the commercial fishing industry.

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