An IMS RSW system on board the F/V Evie Grace.

An IMS RSW system on board the F/V Evie Grace.

Chilling products

IMS offers a number of chilling products to meet the unique needs of commercial fishermen, from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast, as well as seafood and food processing plants across the country.

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RSW Systems

Refrigerated Sea Water systems are an efficient way for processors and fishermen to chill product. The catch is chilled more rapidly than with ice and the risk of inadvertently freezing is avoided since the temperature of the water can be controlled. For fishermen, time that would be lost on the fishing grounds going in to replenish their ice is saved, as well as the cost of fuel used for each trip. IMS offers self-contained RSW systems and systems with remote-mount chillers in a wide range of capacities and drive configurations.


For a live delivery RSW system (for species like crab and lobster), we use titanium chillers that are outfitted with aeration and circulation systems to maintain high quality live product. The temperature in the holds can be adjusted to match the environment at the depth where the seafood was caught. Our systems have been used in fisheries from the Bering Sea to New England and have been proven on the fishing grounds - our systems are have been known to operate with nearly zero dead loss.


We manufacture our chillers right here in Seattle. Chillers are a cost-effective way to remove heat from product using space-saving equipment. More commonly known in the agricultural industry as heat exchangers, IMS builds both Copper Nickel and Titanium versions in sizes that cover a wide range of needs for use on land or on board vessels.

Combination Systems

Combination Chilling and Freezing Systems provide fishermen with the ability to run either a blast or brine freezing system and a chilling system. This allows the same vessel to work more than one fishery and is able to accommodate the quality needs of different seafood species. Like all IMS products, these systems are dependable and easy to operate.