An IMS Dual Temperature Condensing Unit.

An IMS Dual Temperature Condensing Unit.

Combination systems

IMS combination chilling and freezing systems can be used for brine or blast freezing as well as RSW applications. Chilling and freezing onboard a fishing vessel or tender presents the challenge of providing high capacity and top performance within a confined space. On a boat or in a shore-based processing plant, having a single piece of equipment that can do both jobs provides cost-savings and flexibility.

Dual-Temperature Condensing Units

The core component of the combination chilling and freezing solutions from IMS is a dual-temperature condensing unit. These self-contained units include a compressor that can be used when either low temperatures (for freezing) or mid-range temperatures (for chilling) are required. They can be used with remote-mount chillers and/or an evaporator. The chillers can be “banked” for increased capacity and flexible placement. Typical capacity for these condensing units runs from 12 ton to 60 HP.

Work Multiple Fisheries

With combination systems from IMS, fishermen who want to work their vessels in more than one fishery can do so. Dual-temperature condensing units make this possible – this single unit can be used to run freezing equipment one day and then run chilling equipment the next.

Direct-Market to Consumers from Your Vessel

Fishermen can use their chilling system to keep product cold while they are processing and packaging their catch. Then, individual product packages, that are ready for resale, can be placed into the blast freezing system. A fishing vessel that has a combination system is the perfect platform to begin direct marketing. Direct marketing is a growing trend, and its popularity is increasing as seafood consumers are demanding higher levels of traceability.

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