Peter Pan Seafoods in Naknek, Alaska.

Peter Pan Seafoods in Naknek, Alaska.


Land-based processors are oftentimes the second step in the cold-chain.  Processing food is demanding - requiring careful attention to detail, while at the same time achieving mass production.  Although processing plants handle tons of product, each package available on the retail shelf needs to maintain visual appeal and superb taste.

IMS refrigeration equipment fills critical production needs for the entire food processing industry – fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood and poultry.  Refrigerating slows bacterial growth, and promptly cooling food products to low temperatures extends shelf-life.  We provide refrigeration solutions that help ensure the highest quality food product possible.

We can design equipment to meet your capacity needs and budget – from the smallest custom pack seafood processor to the largest processing plants and ships, we provide refrigeration solutions to meet the most demanding specifications.

Chilling in the Processing Plant

Cooked food is sometimes chilled down before it is packaged and frozen for shipment.  RSW systems, titanium chillers and box chillers accomplish chilling efficiently, with a wide range of sizes to fit your needs.

The question of which heat exchange system, or combination of systems, would work best in a processing plant depends on the product you are handling, how it flows through your plant and the capacity required.  Whether a single self-contained chilling system is applicable, or a series of chillers tied into a processing plant’s central refrigeration system is more suitable, IMS has a solution that will fit your needs.

Freezing in the Processing Plant

We have developed specialized freezing systems for food processors, in both the seafood and agriculture sectors, that allow them to meet consumer demand for quality while streamlining production.  Our compact, containerized blast freezers are available in a range of sizes - from small to large and everything in between.  IMS also offers custom ice machine packages in containerized or self-contained forms, as well as a standard line of self-contained or remote-mount brine freezing systems for easy installation.  Unlike vendors who sell a single product, IMS designs and builds the entire range of technologies utilized by the industry.  We deliver quality equipment, so you can deliver quality product.