An icy view on the Bering Sea.

An icy view on the Bering Sea.

freezing products

IMS offers several freezing products to meet the unique needs of commercial fishermen, from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast, as well as seafood and food processing plants across the country.

We design and manufacture blast and plate freezers (including a removable hatch mount blast freezer), brine freezers and combination chilling and freezing systems. If you have any questions, want more information or have a unique situation that needs an innovative refrigeration solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a one-on-one consult.

Blast & Plate Freezers

Blast Freezers bring temperatures down fast to prevent bacterial growth and product degradation. Used in food processing plants and also onboard fishing vessels, blast freezing temperatures range from -20ºF to -40ºF. The IMS Hatch Mount Blast freezer is a compact unit that easily drops in, hooks up to power and condenser water and begins freezing fish onboard.

Brine Freezing

Brine Freezing is used primarily in the seafood industry for fish to be frozen whole – both onboard fishing boats and in seafood processing plants. The refrigerated brine solution has a specific salinity that allows temperatures to drop low enough to freeze fish without freezing the water/solution. Temperatures don’t get as low as blast freezers, but the process is less labor-intensive.

Combination Systems

Combination Chilling and Freezing Systems provide fishermen with the ability to run either a blast or bring freezing system and a chilling system. This allows the same vessel to work more than one fishery and is able to accommodate the quality needs of different seafood species.