Commercial fishermen know that onboard refrigeration is the key to delivering quality product and earning higher prices for their catch. On land, seafood and food processors utilize refrigeration to ensure quality and strive to improve the efficiency of their plant operations. Keeping the cold chain intact from the point of harvest all the way to the consumer is critical. Integrated Marine Systems designs and manufactures chilling and freezing refrigeration products that share the characteristics of simplicity, ease of operation and dependability based on superior engineering and longer-lasting components.


Whether you’re a fisherman, tenderman or processor, we offer a variety of chilling solutions to meet your specific needs or the needs of your fleet. We build refrigerated sea water (RSW) units, live delivery systems, chillers, box chillers as well as combination chilling and freezing systems.


Freezing is a critical process in maintaining cold chain integrity and meeting regulatory specifications. We build blast and plate freezers, brine freezing systems as well as custom build configurations to meet the unique needs of both the commercial fishing industry and the seafood processing sector.